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New Orleans: Is it safe to travel ?

is it safe to travel in New Orleans

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This year has been a wild ride, and while many people have put off traveling, a large majority are ready to (safely) explore some of their favorite places or venture somewhere new. That being said, a popular topic of conversation is: is it safe to travel ? Certain states are still considered hot spots, while others are shutting back down thanks to rising COVID cases. However, not all is lost. If you’ve got travel on the brain, there is hope on the horizon. As long as you are willing to take safety precautions, you might be able to get your yearly dose of traveling in one of the coolest places in America – New Orleans.

The question on many people’s minds right now is “ is it safe to travel to New Orleans?” Of course answers will vary depending on each person, but thanks to business and local ingenuity, the city has made it safer to explore and still enjoy the awesome vibes. Outdoor balconies, patio seating and walking tours offer a chance to see the sights and taste all New Orleans has to offer while still practicing social distancing. Below are a few points to consider when booking your next visit, so you can make the most of your trip!

Is it safe to travel to New Orleans


Is It Safe To Travel to New Orleans?


The most important question when you’re considering leaving home to travel to another city is “will you be safe?” Thanks to the nature of the virus, there is never a 100% chance you will be completely safe from it. However, there are precautions you can take while actually traveling, like wearing masks, washing your hands often and distancing yourself in airports and public places. Once you actually arrive in New Orleans, you will find that many local eateries and bars are utilizing outdoor seating and patio space where you can partake in local fare. After being dubbed a hotspot earlier in the year, the city took great measures to abide by regulations set in place to limit the spread of COVID, and have continued to take precautions to keep both visitors and locals safe.

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Has NOLA Adjusted Their Guidelines Since Cases In The US Have Gone Back Up?

Like many states, Louisiana has had to adjust their regulations and capacity allowances due to rising cases.  New Orleans, located in Orleans Parish, is one of 3 parish’s that fall below the 5% positivity rate (Orleans sits just above 2%) benchmark of staying in Phase 3 (or modified Phase 2 as the Mayor explains it).  Louisiana Parish’s with a positivity rate above 5% have a different set of Coronavirus Guidelines and Restrictions.  Restaurants are adjusting their table layouts to ensure proper social distancing, while the number of people able to dine in has dropped from 75% to 50% and bars are still able to operate due to falling below the recent guidelines implemented by the Governor.   To avoid long waits, calling ahead to make reservations and checking if places are open for dine in will ensure you and your travel group aren’t disappointed. Retail stores are similarly limiting the number of shoppers allowed in. Traveling on weekdays or less busy weekends (and avoiding holidays) might allow for less waiting and easier ventures throughout the city.

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What Is There To Do That Is Safe?

If you’re craving a cultural experience, you can still indulge in all the city has to offer. Taste the culinary delights while enjoying the crisp winter weather outside, or grab a drink on a patio and partake in some good old fashioned people watching. Local walking tours, including bar crawls and ghost tours, are the perfect way to delve into the city’s intricacies and learn about its fascinating history.

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Staying In New Orleans

When planning your trip, it is always a good idea to check on hotel and Airbnb regulations and availability. Most places have created stricter cleaning policies between guest visits so that rooms are sanitized properly. Airbnb lets hosts explain their process and provide people with ways to check in that doesn’t involve face to face contact. Make sure to do your research on areas you want to stay so you can get the best bang for your buck while feeling reassured.

It can be daunting to travel right now, and it is extremely important to check travel restrictions on places ahead of time so you are aware of quarantine mandates and limitations. New Orleans is in the same boat as cities all over the world, but that hasn’t stopped eager travelers from exploring its cultured streets and tasting the delicious culinary treats it has to offer. Make sure to follow safety protocols and plan ahead, so you can enjoy everything NOLA is known for

is it safe to travel in New Orleans

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