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Ghost Tours New Orleans

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Haunted Ghost Tour New Orleans
Haunted Ghost Tour New Orleans

New Orleans #1 Attraction - New Orleans Haunted Tours

New Orleans is known for its many ghosts and paranormal activity. We will take you through some of the most famous haunts in the city, including the French Quarter, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and others.

Our New Orleans Ghost Tours

New Orleans Haunted

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The French Quarter

The French Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States. It was settled by the French in 1718 and named after King Louis XIV. Today, the area is filled with historic buildings and beautiful architecture.

Jackson Square

New Orleans Ghost Tours are the most popular tours in New Orleans.  A ghost tour through the French Quarter has become extremely popular due to American Horror Story and The Lalaurie Mansion, rumored to be the most haunted places in New Orleans.  New Orleans tours aren’t able enter this New Orleans haunted mansion currently, but getting a glimpse of the Lalaurie Mansion from the outside may still prove to be equally as creepy.


Haunted Ghost Tours in the French Quarter are operating with limited capacity and tend to fill up quickly.  Read more below about our current offerings to see which is the best for your group.  Private Tours are available if you would like a more intimate experience.

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Private Ghost Tour New Orleans

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Our Private New Orleans Tours are perfect for visitors, team building activities, mothers clubs, family reunions, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. Inquire about a Private Tour.

New Orleans Haunted Tours

Enjoy a New Orleans haunted tour by going on a New Orleans ghost tour! Crawl New Orleans Ghost Tours takes you to real haunted locations that have been explored by ghost hunters and historians, alike. Take pictures of Lalaurie Mansion ( American Horror Story: The Coven ) and other famous New Orleans haunted mansions! Explore the rich haunted history of New Orleans and the legends of ghosts, vampires, witches, and famous New Orleans serial killers. Learn about the voodoo rituals of Marie Laveau; the famous Voodoo Queen in New Orleans.

New Orleans is packed with history, so think of a New Orleans Haunted Tour as a walk directly through a real-life history book.

In addition to hearing about the haunted history of the French Quarter; hear about the insanely creepy haunting's that are still happening today.

As a bonus, New Orleans is a party capital of our country, so we encourage taking an adult beverage with you - because it's LEGAL to drink on the streets!

If you're staying in the French Quarter, this is an entertaining haunted tour near me. Tours New Orleans.