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New Orleans is home to a variety of delicious foods and boozy drinks that will get you nice and tipsy before noon. When visiting this historic city, there are a number of places you’ll want to stop by to get a real taste for the town. While the food is to die for, it’s the cocktails that will have you wishing you could stay forever. However, some should be made a priority, and you will want to seek those out first thing. These six must try New Orleans frozen drinks have raised up in the ranks from being well-known local specialities to world famous orders. Just make sure you pace yourself, because these alcoholic treats won’t go easy on you. 

If you’re looking for an authentic NOLA experience, you won’t be disappointed by this list. With choices ranging from frozen Irish coffees to famous fizzes, the only problem you’ll have will be deciding which is your favorite. Grab your favorite drinking buddies and get ready to treat your tastebuds to a boozy adventure. 

6 Must-Try New Orleans Frozen Drinks

New Orleans Frozen Drinks


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – Voodoo Daiquiri (AKA the Purple Drink) Price: $9 Address: 941 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA If you’re looking for a side of history with your cocktail, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is the perfect destination to add to your list. As the oldest standing building in the United States that still serves drinks, this spot is sure to fill your history quota and get you a little buzzed to boot. You can sip on their Voodoo Daiquiri which combines Everclear 190, Bourbon, and grape flavoring, and is also commonly referred to as the Purple Drink. For a more hands on experience, check out a New Orleans bar crawl or Haunted Crawl to get a ghost tour while you sample their boozy delights. 



Erin Rose’s Frozen Irish coffee Price: $3.50 – $4.50 Address: 811 Conti Street, New Orleans, LA While you might be no stranger to an Irish coffee, you’ve probably never had anything like this house specialty before. The Erin Rose bar is a staple in the NOLA community and is known throughout the states for their version of this caffeinated cocktail. Every year the city hosts an event known as Tales Of The Cocktail where bartenders from around the country converge on the famous town to divulge and discuss all things booze-related, and Erin Rose’s frozen Irish coffee is always at the top of everyones list. The exact recipe is considered a well-kept secret, but according to ingredients include locally sourced coffee and dairy, as well as coffee and brandy liqueurs all mixed together in soft serve style. The best part is you can have it any time of day, making it the perfect drink for everything from morning delights to late night wakeup calls. 



mollys market new orleans 

Molly’s at the Market Frozen Irish Coffee Price: $5 – $6.50 Address: 1107 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA Whenever something amazing pops up, especially in the cocktail industry, a contender can always be found to keep tasters on their toes. NOLA locals and visitors alike hold debate over whether this version of the frozen Irish coffee is the best, or if Erin Rose holds the title. While the similarities are great, normally a patron will prefer one over the other. The only way for you to decide which is the best is to try them both for yourself; and don’t be scared to test each one more than once to get a truly fair opinion. 


French 75 Superior

French 75 Price: Varies Address: Multiple Locations New Orleans still keeps its French roots on the surface of the city, and it is easy to immerse yourself in the culture that created one of the most iconic towns in the world. If you’re seeking a little taste of the old world while visiting the new, you’ll definitely want to seek out a cocktail known as the French 75. A mixture of gin, Champagne and freshly squeezed lemon juice, this boozy confection is sure to tickle your tastebuds and make you feel a touch classier with every sip. While it can be found throughout the bars and restaurants that line the streets, Superior Seafood is known for their excellent rendition of this tasty treat. You can also explore more creative versions like the frozen French 75, perfect for those hot and humid days. 





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Ramos Gin Fizz Price: $21 Address: 130 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, LA The unique vibe at the Sazerac Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel is steeped in history and intrigue. As you peruse the menu, you can gaze at the room that has hosted celebrities and politicians from every era, including the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Presidents have visited and dined or sipped on the mouthwatering menu items, and the one thing you cannot leave without trying is the Ramos Gin Fizz. Created in the “Imperial Cabinet Saloon circa 1888” according to the official website’s menu, this divine cocktail is a combination of Gin, egg whites, sugar, cream, lemon, lime, orange flower water and seltzer. The ingredients give this drink a delightful, frothy texture that feels both light and refreshing and will have you ordering seconds, if not thirds. You can even glimpse a bullet hole from a long ago shooting inside the restaurant walls that may leave you with a chill that can’t be blamed on your cold glass. 




The Hand Grenade Price: $10 Address: Multiple Locations Known as “New Orleans Most Powerful Drink” according to the official Tropical Isle website, this cocktail isn’t for the faint of heart. NOLA loves secret ingredients, and you’ll never know the exact recipe that makes up this melon-flavored punch. Just be forewarned, it might not seem strong while its going down, but you will definitely feel its effects after a few sips. The best part is the cool cup it comes served in, making the whole package a fun and unique experience in true French Quarter fashion.

It might be a big decision to pick your favorite cocktail from this list, but the siren’s call of these five must-try New Orleans frozen drinks is hard to ignore and will likely have you revisiting several of these spots again and again. Throw in a couple stops for beignets throughout your drinking journey to line your stomach, because even though these creations will leave you in better spirits, they will also keep you touch on the tipsy side (to say the least).

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6 Must-Try New Orleans Frozen Drinks


  1. Voodoo Daquiri Aka The Purple Drink
  2. Erin Rose’s Frozen Irish Coffee
  3. Molly’s at the Market Frozen Irish Coffee
  4. Frozen French 75
  5. Ramos Gin Fizz
  6. Hand Grenade