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New Orleans Best Kept Secrets

New Orleans Best Kept Secrets – Hidden NOLA


So, you’re in New Orleans and your trip has officially begun. While the bright lights and sounds of Bourbon Street are singing their siren song, might there be a part of you that wants to dive into the hidden gems of the city, too? Where do you go? What magical spot awaits you down the roads less traveled?

If you’re looking to discover the city’s most alluring and iconic spots, as well as its secret side, this list will fill your itinerary with New Orleans best kept secrets. You can walk in the shoes of famous Voodoo Priestesses, or sample drinks in one of the oldest buildings in the city. While checking out the obvious tourist destinations, why not take the time to create your own adventures and explore what really makes New Orleans so special?

Voodoo Museum

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Price: $10

This hair-raising but splendidly curious museum is filled with all things Voodoo- a huge part of NOLA’s history. You can learn about the cultural beginnings of Louisiana Voodoo, and see all number of items used in rituals throughout the years by famous names like Marie Laveau, the immortalized Voodoo Priestess. You will be filled with wonder, and possibly fear, as you fall back through the ages and explore the scintillating backstory behind this popular topic.

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Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

Once you’ve caught up on your Voodoo history, you can head over to this iconic cemetery where the body of the famous Priestess Marie Laveau is said to lie. The headstones and tombs that cover the ground in this area date back hundreds of years, and offer a glimpse into the past that can be both chilling and captivating. Tours of local NOLA graveyards are easy to come by and will let you delve deeper into the rich backstory of the city’s plots.


Laffitte's New Orleans

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Perhaps this isn’t much of a secret today, since the cat was let out of the bag WAY back on this one we still felt compelled to include it on this list. It is rare you can stand in one of the oldest buildings in the United States while sipping a delicious drink, but that is exactly what this piece of New Orleans history lets you do when you stop by for a visit. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is still standing at over 200 years old, and lets patrons learn about the original patronage while indulging in some good old fashioned alcoholic beverages. The shift from the dazzling lights and sounds of the city’s popular destinations to this cottage from days long past will leave you feeling like you stepped back in time and any minute might come face to face with Lafitte himself.


The Carousel Bar

While theme parks might be off the table for now, this revolving bar will bring out your inner child with one added bonus: alcohol. The Carousel Bar, which resides in the Hotel Monteleone, lets visitors sip their favorite cocktails while slowly spinning around on the decadent Merry-Go-Round. . 



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Steamboat Houses

New Orleans is known for its exquisite and eye-catching architecture, but the Steamboat Houses of Doullut are something everyone needs to see during their visit. Built in the early 1900s, these towering dwellings look exactly like what their name suggests- giant, grounded steamboats. You can find them near the Lower Ninth Ward inside the Holy Cross neighborhood. 



The Chime Tree

Have you ever visited a tree that can produce music? If you have, that is something to be proud of. If not, the Chime Tree in NOLA is a magical spot that is worth a quick detour out into nature. A short distance from The New Orleans Museum Of Art, City Park is home to a tree filled with wind chimes that have been strategically painted and hidden among the branches. The setup is meant to calm listeners and provide a “disguised in plain sight” getaway that lets you escape reality for a few minutes while you sit beneath its vibrant leaves.


 Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

Your chances of running into a celebrity on your trip might be slim depending on timing and all that, but you have a 100% chance of visiting one’s future resting place. If you already decided to visit Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1, you can find Nicholas Cage’s future tomb there too. This towering pyramid was commissioned to serve as a final resting place for the famous actor.

There are no lack of activities to enjoy while visiting The Big Easy. That being said, it is a true explorer who ventures off the beaten track and finds some of the city’s lesser known, but equally enticing, locations. Combine the draw of the French Quarter and Bourbon Streets bars, restaurants, and legendary architecture with some of these fascinating finds, and you will feel like a true NOLA aficionado.




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New Orleans Best Kept Secrets – Hidden NOLA


  1. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
  2. Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1
  3. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
  4. The Carousel Bar
  5. Steamboat Houses
  6. The Chime Tree
  7. Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb