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5 Reasons to take a New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour

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So you’re thinking about taking a New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour – you’re in the right place!

New Orleans is infamous for its savage and tumultuous past and is often called the most haunted city in America. The French Quarter in New Orleans is home to many ghosts and spirits. There are lots of things to do in New Orleans and a New Orleans Ghost Tour through the French Quarter is one of New Orleans’ most popular tours.

When you take a New Orleans Haunted Tour you’ll visit the REAL buildings and homes where many of these horrors have taken place. Each tour has a dedicated, licensed tour guide telling the stories and hauntings of the ghosts of New Orleans French Quarter.  New Orleans is serious about their history:  All New Orleans tour guides are required to obtain a tour guide license from the city.  These need to be renewed every 2 years and every licensee is required to pass a criminal background check AND pass a test on New Orleans history.  Do you know what happened on December 8th, 1794 in the French Quarter of New Orleans?  We’re sure your tour guide will (if you pick a good one 😉

5 Reasons to take a New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour

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  1.  First thing’s first: When you decide to take a New Orleans Ghost Tour, you’re not just watching, you’re participating by hanging out with locals, going into local places. History is always in the making, you never know when something might happen (can you say ghosts and hauntings!?) and perhaps years from now other tour guides will be telling stories that may involve you.

New Orleans Ghost Tour

2.  New Orleans is one of America’s oldest cities. Colonized in 1718 and the French Quarter mapped out in 1722, these streets have seen some things, have stories to tell, and lurking spirits are known to show themselves.  

New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tour

3.  Have you seen American Horror Story: The Coven? Well, the truth is they didn’t quite get that story right, so join a New Orleans Ghost tour and hear the real story behind Madaam Lalaurie and the Lalaurie Mansion while standing in front of the building.

New Orleans Haunted Tours

4.  We mentioned earlier that New Orleans is the most haunted city in America. The reason New Orleans ghost hunters and historians believe this may be true is The Great Fire of New Orleans and it happened twice. Most New Orleans ghost tours will take you past one of the buildings that survived.

Haunted Ghost Tour New Orleans

5.  The French Quarter of New Orleans was mapped by Adrien de Pauger in 1722. It is 13 blocks by 6 blocks with the St Louis Cathedral located directly in the center and there are hundreds of haunted ghost stories in the French Quarter despite its size. Every New Orleans tour guide has their favorite stories to tell, but the reality is with the right tour guide you could take a different New Orleans ghost tour every night and never hear the same story twice.


New Orleans Haunted Ghost Tours are an amazing way to learn about the rich and creepy history of New Orleans. We know there are many options for you when it comes to choosing which New Orleans Ghost Tour you’ll attend. Our recommendation is The Haunted Crawl with Alexander Addams, because he is one of the original New Orleans Haunted tour guides and that tour wouldn’t exist without him, no substitutes or replacements, he is The Haunted Crawl.

Haunted Ghost Tour New Orleans

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